About the Author

author photoPeggy Gaffney, has owned a variety of cat breeds through the years as well as Samoyed show dogs since 1968. A life-long knitter,  she has been designing professionally since 1995 concentrating on creating portraits of show dogs as intarsia knitting designs. Toward this end, she has created over 100 patterns in her Portraits of Dogs in Knitting collection which she markets to knitters around the world.

In 2000, Peggy decided to take her design skill in a new direction and create a series of knitting books that would be unique by focusing on the world of dogs. So far, she has created seven books in The Crafty Dog Knits series. Last year, she was approached by members of the cat fancy and asked to give them equal time by creating a knitting book for cat lover. The Crafty Cat Knits is the result.

Her dog knitting books are based on taking a single breed per book and creating designs of that breed in action. She realized that this wouldn’t work with cats. Though they might enjoy agility, cats don’t do ‘obedience.’ So after discussing the approach with a number of fanciers, she decided to take a dozen breeds and focus on them. Each breed gets its own design accompanied by an object that figures in the cat’s history. The story that explains how each breed came to be are included along with more than 50 photos of cats taken by the author and submitted by fancier around the country.

The Crafty Cat Knits is published by Kanine Knits which is also the publisher of The Crafty Dog Knits series which includes book about: Samoyeds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mt Dogs, Newfoundlands, Welsh Corgis and Poodles.