Martha Stewart honors the author

I have been honored by Martha Stewart. I have been chosen as Doer of the Week from among the more than 6,000 entrepreneurs who are part of the Dreamers Into Doers program sponsored by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. It is an inspiring group of women who support each other as we grow our businesses and our lives. As an author and designer, I take pride in my work, but it is rewarding when what I do is honored by others.  To read the interview, go to and find out more.

Martha found out about the dog portrait patterns when I met her over a year ago and has been very enthusiastic ever since. She, of course, is a dog lover who also has a bevy of cats and other creatures. The Crafty Cat Knits adds to the available designs to be worked. Here at Kanine Knits our diversity to other creatures is growing in that I am getting into editing the next offering  which is The Crafty Llama & Alpaca Knits. This one is fun in that I can go into detail about all the different types of yarns that come from these animals. And, wonderful animals they are. I had a chance to get up close and personal with both species when I was doing my photo shoots. They are so gentle. The llamas were very curious about my camera to the point of one sticking its nose into the works as I changed film. The alpacas were much more shy except for the baby who decided that he liked me and followed me around during the entire shoot.